About Us

Samvedna works to combat caste-based commercial sexual exploitation and human sex trafficking specifically in the Bedia and the Bachhra community. The organisation has a two-pronged approach – working with the victims for their rehabilitation and reintegration, and prioritize prevention for the vulnerable members of the community through advocacy. We emphasize on education of Bedia children, and community development to challenge and change patriarchal mind-set.


We envision an equitable and just society where all children particularly girls and women are given opportunities and can achieve their full potential.


Our mission is to combat human trafficking, sexual abuse, and forced prostitution, especially of women and children. We work towards creating a safer and violence­free world for women and children by defending their human rights and dignity.


  • To work to protect women and children from inter­generational forced prostitution, threats of human trafficking, sexual abuse, and exploitation by defending their rights and dignity.
  • To provide a safe environment by supporting their education, health, and livelihood through leading major advocacy efforts.
  • To support survivors of abuse and exploitation through the entire cycle from prevention to rehabilitation.