July 02,2022

One Step Closer

Priya’s story is the kind that elders tell the young to inspire them. She was forced to quit school and help with household chores when Priya got a supplementary in 9th standard. Adolescent age for Bedia girls brings with it unique vulnerabilities and hardships; young girls in the community are presented with two options – marriage or entering prostitution. Everything that becomes accessible with education isn’t considered to be important for women – access to spaces, financial independence, etc.
Therefore, girls have to earn every academic opportunity they get, and failure could not only lead to dropping out of school but also to a coerced entry into prostitution.
For us, it was hence, imperative that Priya be reconnected to education without any delay. Our educator in Chhapriyayi conducted various home visits to Priya’s home.
Not only did our educator convince her parents to let her take her 10th standard exams through Madhya Pradesh State Open School, she also managed to get permissions for Priya to attend the TIE workshop 2017. With her spirits rekindled after the TIE Workshop, Priya started preparing for her exams. With the combined efforts of Samvedna’s team, Priya was able to clear her Open School examination. 
She is now enrolled in a regular school in Bhopal and aims to become a successful lawyer someday.