Invite: We are open to invitations to speak at your organization, school or before any gathering. Host an awareness program, invite your contacts and we can speak to them.

Intern/Volunteers: We are open for interns, volunteers and researchers who want to understand our work and the community we work with. They are welcome to partner with Samvedna to fulfill their quest to learn and serve.

Volunteering Opportunities

Give a part of yourself and experience social transformation…
  • be a 'Friends Of Samvedna' wherever you are to spread the message. We need to break the culture of silence. We can send you materials such as films, posters, flyers etc for your discussion group.
  • Be a volunteer and support us with your professional skills such as documentation, financial management, governance, marketing, teaching, computers, web designing, photo documentation, and legal aid to further our cause.
  • Spread the message to your family, friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances through informal discussions and lecture sessions.
  • Help us design posters, flyers, brochures to enrich our tool kit on anti human trafficking.
  • Give us your time (only make it consistent) and visit our project area o teach our children and girls life skills such as leadership, conflict resolution, anger management, coping with changing life situations, meditation etc.
  • Be a long-term volunteer/ student intern (at least for 2 yrs) and contribute your skills, talents and perspectives to strengthen all the interventions.
  • Donate to the cause on your special days