About us

Samvedna works to combat Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Human Sex Trafficking. While working with the community Samvedna keeps focus on two things, one is to work with victims for their rehabilitation and reintegration and the other is working with potential victims, with a priority on prevention with the help of advocacy. We also concentrate on community development so that patriarchal mindset can be challenged and changed, and opportunities in an enabling environment can be created for women and children to be able to gainsay any kind of violence or exploitation.


Samvedna aims empowerment of the marginalized section of our society to reclaim and restore their human rights and dignity. We give priority to supporting survivors of human trafficking and help them creating a safe and positive environment where they can grow.


Samvedna wants to partake in individuals’ development and empowerment, and so as society’s. We believe that cultivation and enrichment of one’s potential and awareness of the rights will take us there. To accomplish our mission, we work on the following factors:

  • To provide resources for education of children of the victims of sex trafficking and other marginalized section of the society.
  • Work for the well-being and social development of Commercially Sexually Exploited women and children.
  • To ensure social-economic empowerment of community, and
  • To promote healthy atmosphere for awareness of people’s basic rights.

Values we uphold : Service, Empowerment Leadership and Humanity